Remixes & Samples

What’s good about great tracks is that they can have many incarnations. A meaningful song could have been a hit in the 50’s and then re-imagined by a fresh 80’s act. A rock anthem from the 70’s can sound new when a DJ puts it to a beat that’s twice the tempo or half the tempo. Snippets from disco recordings have been put on top of infectious grooves by sampling geniouses like Daft Punk or Breakbot to make brand new tracks. Gotye and Kimbra’s 2012 smash hits “Somebody that you used to know” was written around two chords sampled from Brazilian guitarist Luiz Bonfá’s “Seville”, an instrumental track from his 1967 record. 
Many times a DJ or label want to make a remix but the original tracks can’t be used: maybe the multitrack is lost and there’s no access to the isolated instruments, or speeding up the song too much degrades the quality, or the recording is locked-up due to copyright barriers lifted by a family member of the deceased or insane or retired artist. Reasons are countless. 
What we do in those cases is to call a professional singer that already has a similar voice tone and have him or her replicate the exact phrasing, groove, accent, pronunciation and feel, crafting a perfect copy of the original. Focus is also put into figuring which microphone and console models were used and what’s our closest option to that. 
Here are some remixes done with of our replicas:


latest releases

Gianluca Vacchi - Viento

What we did: Vocals

Tiësto & MOSKA - Acordeão

What we did: Vocals

Sugar Man

Yolanda D CUP - Sugar man

What we did: vocals matching sixto rodriguez´s original

original version

Paper Aeroplane

Francesco Rossi - Paper Aeroplane

What we did: Guitars - bass - vocals - drum loops matching the original version from australian duo Angus & Julia Stone.
BBC Radio One's DJ Pete Tong named it "Essential track of the season"

Original Version

Angus & Julia Stone - Paper aeroplane

latin lovers

Kim Kaey - Latin Lovers

What we did: Cuban-style vocals for Kim’s song, matching Zafra Negra’s “Sufriendo por ella”.

Original Version

Zafra Negra - Sufriendo por ella

Funky Nassau

Federico Scavo - Funky Nassau

Peaked at #4 on the Ibiza Daily Charts, and it landed on the “Top House Tracks” playlist on Beatport.
What we did: vocals, guitars, bass, keys, percussion & drums matching the original 70’s recording.

Original Version

The beginning of the end - Funky nassau

The thrill is gone

MHE - The Thrill is gone

What we did: vocals, guitars, bass, keys & drums replicating BB King’s original performance.

Original Version

BB King - The Thrill is gone